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****All these programs are zipped.  You must download them to your PC.  Locate it and then unzip the program file into your Rezbook folder replacing the existing while Rezbook is closed.  If your security program does not like the file, add it to your exception list in your anti-virus software or exclude it from scans as all the files are SAFE, just new.    If you have 64bit MSOffice, you will need to also download the file below to email from Rezbook.

64bit Office EMAILING MODULE:  RezbookEmailManager64 (1)

If you have Windows System 7 – 10  
Install, then close. Click on the Start Button, locate and click on Computer. Locate the Local Disk C:\, click on that. Locate the Folder called: program files (86) click on it. Locate the RezBook folder and click on it.
Locate 4 files. reserve.exe resrep.exe regrezbook.exe and querytool.exe They are all application files. Right Click on each file, left click and select Properties. At the top, select Compatibility and TICK ‘run as as an XP application’ and then TICK ‘run as administrator’ . Click Apply and Close.
Close Computer and locate the RezBook shortcut on your desktop. Double click on it to open RezBook.
Select An Employee, Click OK and log in. You have 1 room and can go to System – Units to setup more.
You have 30 free days and we will login and train your staff or help you install for free. Just contact us!

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