Company, Group, Travel Agent FAQ

How do I make a reservation that is to be charged back to the company?
When making a reservation that is to have some charge backs to a Company/Agent then the guest should be linked to the company via the Company field in the Reservation Detail screen, at time of booking. This guest will now have two Folios, one called Guest and the other by the Company Name you associated it with. You can post charges or payments to either the Guest or the Company folio by indicated with the toggles in the Charge/Payment screen.

How do I choose specific rooms to make a block booking?
Group, Company and T/A multiple bookings can be made by left – right click on an empty room. Select the number of rooms, rate plan, market segment and business source. This will copy the reservation in any available room. Then Drag & Drop the reservations from room to room by holding down the Ctrl Key and hold the left mouse button down and drag-drop the mouse.

How do we charge all group rooms to one master record?
If you decide to use one of the Group Bookings as the master and therefore post all charges and payments to it, you need to make the rest of the group’s bookings Nightly Charge nil. Post payments to the allocated group master booking then print the folio as is. You should then print and attach a Group Arrival Report, entering the From / To dates as the Group’s arrival date, and this will display all the reservations that make up the group as well as Number of Adults and Chilldren. If you decide to post charges to each of the Groups’s bookings then you would part post any payments received to each of the Group’s booking and print Group Summary Transaction Report as an Invoice/Receipt.

How do I transfer existing balances such as Amex, Diners etc?
You can make a “city ledger” account by making a reservation under the name of Amex. Check the reservation in, check it out. The name will disappear off the grid, but now you can go into File-Find Guest and find Amex. Highlight it and select Show. The ccount will come up for you to post charges and payments to. This will be the Master Amex account and you can post a charge called Balance Carried Forward.

How do I transfer balances from all current Company Debtors – would you use “Balance Transfer”?
Yes. Follow the steps above for all Company Debtors (IE: same as Amex and Diners). Make a fake reservation for them, check them in and out. This creates an account for them that you can post a charge called Balance Transfer. Set up the Transaction Code “Balance Transfer” by going into System Transaction Codes.

How do I move transactions between Guest and Company folios?
Transactions can be moved between folios in the same reservation. In other words if you accidentally post a transaction to the wrong folio you can move it to the correct folio by clicking on the transaction whilst viewing the folio to highlight it then click your Right mouse button and click on Move. Next you click on the folio in the bottom left hand corner that you wish to move the transaction to and you will receive a message asking you if you are sure you want to move the transaction.

How do we use Travel Agent Commissions?
Travel Agent details are input under Travel Agents then Setup. Once you enter their details you can click on the Commission button and enter the rate of commission you want automatically calculated and allocate it to the appropriate Transaction codes. In your case you have more than likely setup your Travel Agents under Companies and Groups due to your desire to maintain two separate debtors ledgers. This being the case then you would manually post a negative Travel Agent charge to show commission amount and reduce expected revenue.

Where can we enter Email and Website addresses?
If you go into System – Comments – Travel Agent, Group, Reservation, Unit etc. this will allow you to setup the Title (IE: email address) of the field for each comment screen. You then go into the Travel Agent, Company, Group, Reservation setup and put in the email address.

Why does the balance of a company, Group or TA transaction report not match the balance on the statement or aging report?
The transaction reports include totals for guest of any status – ie Checked In – the aging reports and statements only show the totals for CheckedOut reservations with a balance owing..

How do I reverse a TA commission?
To negate a Travel Agent commission entry…go to transaction codes and apply GST to the Travel Agent Charge…then go to the applicable reservation and post a – Travel Agent charge for the Total..the gst will automatically be subtracted and when you post the adjustment.

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