General Operation FAQ

Since I have loaded the latest update – sometime when I check people out, even though their balance is nil – they stay purple which means that the system thinks they owe money. What is going on here?
It appears that there may be a reservation display bug in one of the distributed updates. Try going to the Tools Menu and selecting update – this should fix the problem – if not – go to our Downloads area and get the latest update.

I am getting an error #3034 when I try to start RezBook – what is happening?
First, try rebooting your system – someone may have had a database open when you tried to use the tool update facility. You may need to restore a backup if you have one. If this does not solve the problem – you will need to email your database to support for repair.

What sort of backup routine should I implement to protect my data?
Backup of data is a vital part of any computer system in a business and it is imperative that you take this task seriously and put into a place a consistent and practical backup plan.

If you want to know how often to backup, ask yourself this question “How much of my work would I like to rekey if my system crashes, or our business is struck by theft or fire?”

If the answer to this question is “as little as possible” then a backup plan is vital. Computers are not infallible, hard drives die, systems get stolen or damaged, staff can mess up their data entry and data can get corrupted in large databases. For all of these reasons you need to BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP!

RezBook contains a backup routine in the Tools Menu – in the latest version you can nominate a drive to backup to.

The following is our recommendation for a safe and practical backup plan.

1. Weekly – backup to a medium that can be taken offsite – ie floppy disk, zip disk or tape drive – for large files you may need to talk to your computer systems support vendor for help to backup the whole Reserve directory or your reserve.mdb file. Make sure you complete the backup and take it offsite with you – home or into a Fireproof safe.

2. Daily – backup to your hard drive or a network drive – using the Tools, Backup menu option. This is a quick and easy backup to do and whilst it doesnt protect your system from a hard drive crash – it does protect you from data corruption and from a rollover gone wrong that you might want to restore.

3. During the day – if you run RezBook on a network, have a large data file or machines that have a tendency to crash – then use the Tools, Backup option regularly throughout the day – it takes only a minute or two and can be a lifesafer when something unexpected happens.

Finally – restoring a backup should never be undertaken lightly!!! In some cases – if you are not careful – you may restore a bad backup over good data – so always seek advice before restoring a backup – the staff at Albyn Business Computing may be able to fix your datafile and save you a great deal of time, rather than restoring a backup and rekeying data.

How do I split reservations and have all the charges put on 1 account for 2 or more rooms?

If a guest needs to change rooms during a stay, you need to setup up a ‘group’ reservation for them….

1) go into Setup-Group
2) click NEW and enter the guest’s last name, first name as the name of the group and save.
3) go into his/her current reservation and assign them to that ‘group’ name and click OK.
4) go into his/her folio screen and in the lower left of the screen where it says ‘current folio’, you will now have a guest folio and a named folio.
5) highlight all the transactions on the guest folio, rt. click and select move.
6) left click on the new named folio in the lower left of the screen and select OK, you want to move the transactions.
7) once the charges have been moved, close the folio screen and check the guest out of that room.
8) make a new reservation in the new room…(guest history will come up after you enter last and first name and tab off)
9) assign the reservation to the same ‘group’ name.
10) check the guest in. All charges and payments for this reservation will default to the group folio.
11) when you print out his receipt, click on Reports-Group Statement and select his name.

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