Warsaw Brewery Bar, Restaurant
and Conference Center
official website: www.warsawbrewery.com
900 N. 6th St.  On the Riverfront
Proprietors: Jay and Pam Melvin
1 217 256-4393
Text Box: The brewery was founded in July of 1861 by Rudolph Giller and family.   The brewery was a very small operation at this time with only a five-barrel kettle and had a small arched cellar erected under the family living quarters.  The brewery was shut down during prohibition in 1920, but was rejuvenated in 1935 with the establishment of the Burgemeister and Old Tavern labels.  The brewery continued providing many jobs until 1972 when it closed it's doors for good.  Pam and Jay Melvin spent 4 years renovating the old brewery and it's open as a bar, restaurant and convention center.  Call Now for Weddings, Parties and any size gathering!



We offer many delicious starters, entrees and have special meal evenings.

Wednesday:  The most amazing Chicken and Roast Beef buffet!
Thursday:  Mexican Fiesta Night
Friday:  Seafood Buffet and Salad Bar
Sunday:  Salad Bar and Buffet  11-3pm






Text Box:  
Park your boat at our docks and grab a burger, brat and beer!
Poker runs on the river are a great time for anyone!  Stop in and get ice, food and drink!  Enjoy the sounds of Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley!





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