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Will allow you to quickly search and retrieve Guest/Reservation History records and create new Guest records without going through the Reservation Calendar. Also has password login options.

Cash Drawer

Is like your on line cash register. You can post charges and take payments from non-guests. You can view a record of the days cash transactions and Post payments direct to Accounts for multiple folios.


Is where you setup your Employees, Company, Travel Agent & Group clients.


Is where you customize RezBook for your business needs. Unlimited Units, Seasons, Rates, Charge/Payment Types, Letters


Keeps track of unlimited guest history, financials based on date, type of client, business source, transaction types, tax type. If there is not a report written for your needs, you can export your data to Excel or Word and create your own, or you can add the Custom Reports Module (3 custom reports with 1-Button Audit)


Setup automatic backups of your database and restore it if need be. Run maintenance utilities and export your data.

Interactive Calendar

Drag and Drop Guests to move guests
1 click Statistics
1 click checkin/out
Last Name Displayed on Calendar
Group Bookings made all at once

Today’s Date

This field is very important to your every day operation. By changing the date in this field, you will automatically move all of your books forward. You cannot go back in time, so when you change this date, it can only be a date in the future. There will also be messages to inform you of what will automatically happen when you change the day.

  • RezBook will ask you if you want to cancel any guests that have not checked in for that day.
    If you have sold any novelties at the front desk and have not received payment, the system will not let you change the day with-out balancing the cash book.
  • If there are guests that are not checked out, but have Today’s Date as the departure date, The Rez Book will ask you to either check the guest out, or change the departure date for that guest.
    Display Date
  • This is the date you wish to see in order to make a reservation or check statistics. You can select any date in the future or past, just like turning the pages in a book. You can display 3 weeks forward from Today’s Date and 1 week back by clicking the mouse on the arrows on the bottom of the screen. Or click on Display Date and select the date you wish to view.


You can scroll through the units by clicking the mouse on the Up and Down arrows on the right side of the screen. If you click on an individual unit number, the specifics associated with that particular unit will be displayed. For Example: Clicking on unit 2 displays the comments associated with that room; size of refrigerator, view, amenities
NOTE: You must first set up the Unit Comments under Comments-Units.

Status (S)

By clicking in this column, you will be able to change the housekeeping status of the associated unit. When a guest checks into that room, the status will automatically turn to D (dirty). To change the room back to a clean status, click on the room you want in the (S) column. This column is located between the Room and Type columns. If a unit is unavailable due to maintenance, you can mark this unit with an M in the unit setup. This will be discussed in detail later in Unit Setup. If you wish to mark all the units as Clean, just double click on the S at the top of the column.

Dates at the top of the columns

Clicking on a date at the top of a column displays all associated statistics with that day. Calculations are displayed at the top of the screen. Occupied Rooms, Rooms left to sell, Avg. Rate, Arrivals, Departures, etc. Colors in these date colums indicate a change in Seasons that you have set – with various rate plans applying to these seasons.

Color-Coded Guests

RezBook will color code your guests according to their status. · Advanced Reservations · Checked In · Checked Out · Checked Out with Balance

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